Executive Search – Professional Search – Consulting

ARPA CONSULTING specialises in the development of Human Resources and Management Consulting.


The employees, associates and consultants of Arpa are professional and experienced in the field of Management Consulting, Executive Search, the Search for Managers, Executives and professional staff. ARPA CONSULTING has quickly become a reference point for both multinational and medium-sized companies. By guaranteeing high standards of professionalism, speed and effectiveness, Arpa has developed many trusted relationships with clients.

ARPA CONSULTING operates throughout Italy and abroad and has three areas of expertise:

  • CONSULTING: ARPA CONSULTING is accredited by the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare for personnel search and selection services (Aut. Min. 9796) registered in Section IV of the Register of Employment Agencies.

EXECUTIVE SEARCH – Management e Board

Executive Searches for high profile positions is Arpa’s core business. Our success is due to the many years of experience and professionalism of our consultants.

Detailed knowledge of the market, how it works and deep insight into profile requirements on all levels allows us to fully understand the needs of our clients:

  • Technical and professional skills
  • Cross-over/transferable skills
  • Role related remuneration guidance
  • Integration strategy and timing

Having a relationship of cooperation and trust with our corporate clients allows us to quickly identify the right candidate for the sought or vacant position.
The selection phase is based on the most up-to-date database of candidate profiles in Piedmont, because we are constantly in contact with candidates and monitoring their situations. We also have the most effective and efficient ‘head hunting’ search strategy for any type of position required, to find the right person for the position, or the right position for the person.
Our attention to detail and passion for our work are our distinctive features because for us, the process of selection is an art.


This is dedicated to the search for executives and top managers. Our effectiveness can be seen in our prompt timeliness when presenting to a corporate client a shortlist of candidates consistent with their needs and business expectations.


This is dedicated to the search for middle management. We identify candidates with the right operational and management skills, who can give added value to the company they will be joining.

Board Composition
ARPA CONSULTING as a trusted organization, can provide and when required, an unbiased search and identification of Board of Directors members:

  • Directors – CEO
  • Financial directors – CFO
  • Independent directors
  • female Directors


Our temporary service is aimed at companies that need to place qualified personnel for specific solutions within business sectors and/or to implement new business units. Our temporary service thus provides access to High-level experience and expertise through our strategic management and placement that, for an agreed period, will achieve future operational goals. We guarantee, in this delicate phase, the identification of suitable candidates that will meet different requirements, helping to bring value to the Company.

ARPA SELECTION – Professional Search

ARPA SELECTION is the division of ARPA CONSULTING dedicated to search and selection of professional candidates. In-depth knowledge and understanding of the skills required and our skilled professionals make our service ARPA SELECTION the most effective on the market. We can quickly provide you, a list of candidates in line with the needs of corporate clients, to ensure rapid integration and client satisfaction.
Through methods such as our assessment centres, we are able to also select large numbers of candidates for potential assessment.

  • Professional
  • Temporary


ARPA CONSULTING supports their corporate clients with consulting services to provide positive solutions for internal requirements and problematic situations. Our goal is to bring added value through planned assistance for specific, objective and shared consultation.

Our Coaching service is aimed at companies and managers to enhance their performance. We provide advice on: Management of internal and external change Improvement of the corporate climate Ways to take on new responsibilities and maximise output Development of problem solving and decision making abilities Improved time and stress management
Assessment Center

Our Assessment Center is available to our clients for the evaluation and selection of potential candidates. Managed by our experienced consultants, the Assessment center is an effective and easy way to sort through a large number of candidates.

Corporate Climate Analysis

This service is aimed at companies that need to have a snapshot of the “health” of their company in the face of internal reorganisation that has taken place and/or in the face of imminent change.
Our consultants are trained professionals who are ready to provide support by collecting and analysing data and following up with action based on real observations.

Associate and Partner Searches

We offer a scouting service specializing in entrepreneurial, financial, and professional fields to all those who need to be discretely put in contact with potential partners. We guarantee maximum confidentiality and efficiency.

M & A

ARPA CONSULTING provides support activities in the search and identification of business partners or partners for business development, including introductions to the subject company (people and/or company) being evaluated.