The experience of our
Head Hunters
Value to your research

Our methodology is based exclusively on a direct and targeted search, which enables us to create tailored projects built on customers’ needs.

Value your uniqueness

Our project design, well established over time, always places people enhancement at the centre of the entire process.


A full understanding of our client company’s objectives enables us to select the best profile to match our client's needs.


People are the backbone of our work and our primary objective is to make the most of them and make sure they always feel they are in the right place.


Our project design, well established in over twenty years of experience, enables us to identify the ideal profile through a targeted and effective search.


listening and analysis

Our work starts by listening, analysing and assessing our clients’ needs so to identify the technical and behavioural specifications of the target profile.



market mapping

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the territory, the roles and their relevant skills, we create ad hoc mapping of the market and its professional profiles.


head hunting & networking

We search for professionals in line with our clients’ expectations through direct head hunting and a long-established network, consolidated by opinion leaders.


The Secret of Our Success

We become the point of reference for organizations and candidates

We accompany organizations and people through the entire search and selection process, by providing support also during the negotiation and onboarding phase.