Temporary Management

Temporary Management solutions for companies that manage growth, reorganization and new business development phase.

Value your uniqueness

As experienced Head Hunters, thanks to our extensive network, we are able to identify qualified managers who put their skills to use for the implementation of strategic projects.

Conjoint analysis

Joint analysis with Company Management to define clients’ needs and identify the most suitable profiles in line with requirements.

Temporary crew

Database of numerous professionals who can quickly intervene to support client companies in managing the issues highlighted during the Joint Analysis.

what do you need?

ARPA Temporary

ARPA CONSULTING can either support you in your search or provide you with the right managerial skills suitable for managing complex and delicate phases. With reference to the latter, we have created an ad hoc Internal Division called ARPA Temporary Solutions, in charge of searching middle and top management profiles on a temporary basis.

Reorganization and Restructuring Projects

Managers to support complex projects to prevent and/or resolve corporate crises.

Mergers and Turnaround Acquisitions

Managers providing financial and/or organizational support for extraordinary corporate operations in the M&A field.

Growth and Development

Managers to support feasibility studies and/or expansion projects with significant investments to accelerate change.

Generational Transitions

Managers in support to and shadowing new generations during entrepreneurial handover and offering relevant managerial training.